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benefits of myplace smart home

MyPlace is a smart home automation system, created by the same company who created MyAir air conditioning and MyLights smart lighting. It incorporates your existing technology to make operating your home easier than ever. The purpose of a smart home is to make your everyday life easier, and reduce the money you’ll end up spending on running unnecessary systems.

While the idea of upgrading your whole home to smart technology can be daunting, here are the benefits that will come with having a smart home.

1. Control your systems from anywhere

If you’ve ever left the house and then had a moment where you can’t remember if you locked the front door, those days are behind you. With MyPlace, you can control all aspects of your home no matter where you are. Set the lights on when you’re away, make sure the living room is cool when you return home, or ensure that the doors are locked.

This remote access also means that you don’t have to be in the same room as the light or air conditioning unit to control it – meaning you can adjust the temperature in the kids room after they’ve gone to bed, for example.

Sunshine Coast MyAir
Sunshine Coast MyAir

2. One control panel for all your tech

MyPlace comes with it’s own app that you can use on your phone or tablet, which you can connect to all of your smart technology systems. This means all of your systems are accessible from one place.

After all, how often do you lose a remote or get frustrated because each air conditioning unit came with it’s own remote (so now you have three)? Put some simplicity back into your life by connecting it all to MyPlace.

3. Control every room individually

The MyPlace system splits your home into zones, which means you’re able to control each room individually from that singular touchpoint. The ability to control each room or zone individually makes it easier to turn the system on and off when it’s not needed. Only turning on the system to cool the parts of the house that you need means that you’re not wasting power and money running unnecessary systems.

The idea of installing MyPlace smart home technology is to make life easier for yourself and everyone else in your home. Not only that, having this kind of technology integrated into the systems of your home is likely to increase the value if ever you were to sell. 

At Port City Air Conditioning, our team can install the MyPlace smart home system in your home, alongside MyAir and MyLights to get you on your way to having a complete smart home that you can access from anywhere. We have experience with these systems and have the skills to ensure your MyPlace smart-home runs smoothly. We’ll even help you set up the zones in your app so that you won’t experience any downtime or confusing set up on your own.

Contact us at Port City Air Conditioning  today to get started updating the technology in your Sunshine Coast home.