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As a Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore resident you’re well acquainted with the hot climate that affects this area. Although temperatures tend to remain steady for the most part, the average 7 hours of sunshine per day has been known to cause heat waves that not only leave you hot and sweaty, but sometimes bring on heat-related health complications.

We are a professional team of 25+ highly trained and specialised experts providing top notch air conditioning services for both residential and commercial clients in Maroochydore, and throughout the whole Sunshine Coast, including Buderim and Caloundra.

Port City Air Conditioning is your one stop air conditioning shop: we design, sell, service, install, repair and maintain air conditioning systems of all shapes and sizes from your basic bedroom split system up to large scale commercial packaged and VRV air conditioning equipment.

We also offer commercial electrical and refrigeration services.

With over 15 years of experience serving much of Queensland, our team has the skills to tackle just about any air conditioning project successfully, guaranteeing you the best results, every single time!

Regardless of the nature of your air conditioning problem, we can sort you out without breaking the bank!

Call us today on (07) 5443 4095 to obtain a no obligation onsite quote, as well as free advice, and affordable air conditioning solutions.

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Maroochydore Air Conditioning Repairs

Has your air conditioning broken down?

No problem!

We can get it back up and running in no time.

We have comprehensive knowledge of how to fix all types of Daikin, Mitsubishi and other brands of  air conditioning units and systems. This includes, but is not limited to, split and multi-split air conditioning systems, floor mounted, ducted, ceiling cassette, and wall mounted air conditioners to name a few. Plus, since we have electricians on staff there’s no delays or potential risks in getting your air conditioning unit repaired so it’s up and running again. 

Just sit back, and let us do the work for you. When we’re done the only thing you have to do is press the “ON” button.

Air Conditioning Installation Maroochydore

Are you looking to have your first air conditioning system installed in your home or commercial property? Or maybe you’re looking to upgrade to a more efficient air conditioning unit to save on cost. Whatever the reason, you can rely on our air conditioning installation Maroochydore specialists to sort you out.

When you engage us not only are you guaranteed to save time and money on your installation, but you also ensure your property, residential or commercial, is highly protected against potential air conditioning electrical hazards. To guarantee this, we use state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and technology to ensure you receive the highest quality installation possible. This, coupled with our immense on-the-job experience means you’re getting the absolute best service. 

In addition, at Port City Air Conditioning we only source parts and units from tried, tested and proven brands such as Daikin, and Mitsubishi. By ordering straight from the manufacturers, and taking advantage of bulk purchase discounts, our customers get to spend less on air conditioning parts and units.

Port City Air Conditioning is a licensed and preferred Daikin dealer, as well as an authorised MyAir5 installer.

About MyAir5

MyAir5 is considered the ultimate air conditioning technology system in the market. It guarantees comfort, saves cost, and offers great convenience by allowing you to control the temperature of individual rooms at any given time remotely via a touch screen control panel.

You can stabilize indoor temperatures by regulating how much air, hot or cold, each room receives. This makes it an excellent investment that will add value to your home or commercial property.

Contact us today to start enjoying your every own MyAir5 smart technology system. Our friendly team is ready to answer any questions you may have and guide you through other air conditioning options.

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Air Conditioning Systems We Offer

Split air conditioning systems have their condenser and evaporator components separated into two distinct units i.e. an indoor and outdoor unit. This is done for various reasons:

(a)  To hasten the installation process.

(b) Provide greater energy efficiency. Split systems incorporate a ductless design which greatly minimises energy loss.

(c)  Quiet operations. The noisy components are located outside which makes it a convenient option to use in business establishments and other working or studying rooms.

We offer split system conditioners ranging from 2- 9.5 kilowatts. 

These are aircon systems that are fitted on ceilings. These can either be below the ceiling i.e. similar to where light bulbs are placed, or they can be built within the ceiling.

These types of air conditioners are a top choice for rooms where ducted systems cannot be used. They can also be installed to act as an embellishment i. ( e. to enhance the appeal of a room.

Our ceiling cassettes are available from 2.5 – 14.5 kilowatts. If you want an air conditioner that is user friendly and really complements open plan spaces then these conditioners might be best suited for your environment.

This system involves the use of inbuilt ducts, usually within the ceiling, to the different rooms requiring air conditioning. The ducts transport warm or cool air, and release it through the vents to the respective rooms.

Ducted air conditioning systems are superb if you’d like to install MyAir5 technology system in order to control the temperature of individual rooms.

Get in touch with our expert technicians to learn more about ducted systems and how they can benefit you.

multi-head air conditioning unit is similar to the split system but with one crucial difference: one outdoor unit can support multiple air conditioning indoor units.

This system is ideally suited for spaces that require more cooling than a conventional split system can provide. They are also an excellent solution for property where ductwork is not possible due to limited ceiling space.

Why Choose Us

Licensed professionals with extensive experience

Port City Air Conditioning have been serving Sunshine Coast residents since the company’s inception in 2004. We’re also fully compliant with all building legislation and regulations, as well as adhering to the national code of practice.

Free onsite quote for new installations

Our experts perform on-site inspections and advise you accordingly on the best air conditioning installation options at no cost!

Interest Free Payments

Would you like a new aircon but you don’t have the full cash at hand? No problem. Our partnership with Skye Mastercard now helps you to purchase a new air conditioner at zero percent interest for up to 3 years!

Other Services

We also provide commercial electrical and refrigeration services as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install air conditioning myself?

No, you should not. This type of work should only be undertaken by qualified professionals. If you have an air conditioning unit that needs to be installed, make sure you call the licensed team at Port City Air Conditioning to get the work done efficiently and safely.

How much does air conditioner installation cost?

The cost of installing air conditioning varies, due to a variety of factors. At Port City Air Conditioning, we take into account the size of your home, the system you need, and more before providing you with a comprehensive quote.

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If you have any questions, need more information about our Maroochydore air conditioning products, or you want a quote, feel free to contact us or call us on (07) 5443 4095.