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Are you shopping for an air conditioning system in Mooloolaba?

Port City Air Conditioning can meet all your needs. 

We provide comprehensive Mooloolaba air conditioning solutions for both residential and commercial establishments.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Mooloolaba

Gone are the days when air conditioning was treated as a luxury. Today, it is considered a necessity throughout the world.

For Sunshine Coast residents, this statement is especially true since the region experiences a hot and wet climate for the most part of the year. This means, with the exception of a couple of weeks, high temperatures are the norm.

Sadly, many people in the region choose not to install air conditioning in their homes or businesses due to a belief that it is an unnecessary cost.

When you purchase and install an air conditioner, you get much more than just a temperature control system. You also get other notable benefits such as:

  • Improved mental activity.

Maintaining optimal indoor temperatures boosts people’s moods thus increasing focus and productivity.

  • Improved air quality.

While opening the windows can usher in cool breezes in hot months, the outside air contains pollutants and pathogens that can cause ailments or respiratory problems e.g. Asthma, that lowers your quality of life. An air conditioner purifies the air thus boosting your health.

  • Protects Your Body & Possessions

Hot weather in the Sunshine Coast usually contains high humidity which degrades the hair and skin, as well as the texture of belongings such as clothes and furniture. Air conditioning solves this problem.

Technician working on Daikin commercial air conditioning

Mooloolaba Air Conditioning Experts

If you need an air conditioner for your home or business for the aforementioned benefits, look no further than Port City Air Conditioning.

We are highly specialised air conditioning experts providing services for both residential and commercial residents in Mooloolaba, and the Sunshine Coast as a whole, as well as Maroochydore and Nambour.

Whatever your air conditioning needs may be, we’ve got you covered. 

We provide comprehensive air conditioning solutions including installation, design, maintenance, and repair. We even offer special after sales services for all our clients. No air conditioning project is too big or too complex for us.

Our rigorous training coupled with our 12+ years of experience serving Sunshine Coast residents means we can handle just about any project successfully.

Our rigorous training coupled with our 12+ years of experience serving Sunshine Coast residents means we can handle just about any project successfully.

Call us on (07) 5443 4095 and speak to our experts. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote, as well as excellent recommendations for air conditioning systems depending on your establishment size, architecture and preferences.

Air Conditioning Installation Mooloolaba

When it comes to installing air conditioning systems and units, Port City Air Conditioning guarantees you high quality installations regardless of the system you choose, or the size of your establishment and architecture.

Poor installations will cost you money down the road, and slow installations can be a huge inconvenience especially for commercial establishments. Our vast experience ensures that we can get the job done in the most efficient and timely manner possible to save you time and prevent unnecessary expenses in future.

Our Port City Air Conditioning specialists understand all the nitty-gritty details associated with installing each system. You can rest easy with a deep confidence that your home or business is perfectly safe and fully functional after a visit from our technicians.

Air Conditioning Repairs Mooloolaba

We provide air conditioning repair and maintenance services for air conditioning systems of all types and sizes.

To enhance the quality of our repairs and maintenance we only use parts sourced from proven aircon brands such as Daikin. 

We are a preferred Daikin installer. This means we are authorised to repair and handle any Daikin air conditioning products and systems.

About MyAir5 – Benefits

MyAir5 smart air conditioning is considered to be the smartest air conditioning control technology system yet. Once hooked up to your air conditioning system you’ll be able to enjoy a host of benefits such as:

  • The ability to adjust the level of warm/cool air flowing into specific rooms. This will enable you to maintain specific temperatures.
  • The ability to use motion sensors to automatically increase or reduce airflow depending on movement.
  • The ability to control individual room temperature remotely via a smart device.

We are authorised MyAir5 installers in Mooloolaba, and the larger Sunshine Coast area.

Contact us for more information. 

Our experts are ready to advice and guide you accordingly in regards to MyAir5 technology and the various air conditioning systems available.

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Split system air conditioning units are considered to be among the best air conditioner power savers.

The term “split” is used to denote a physical separation between the condenser and evaporator. One is placed outside the room and the other inside, and both are joined together with a lineset.

This mode of installation ensures that the air conditioner produces very minimal noise since the noisy component is on the outside. It also makes it very energy efficient compared to other air conditioning systems such as ducted air conditioners since the vast majority of the heat is retained during transit in the lineset.

We stock split system air conditioners from 2 – 9.5 kilowatts. 

Our split systems are designed to complement most residential or commercial décor.

Ducted air conditioners use ducts or tubing like passages that carry air from the central unit to the different connected rooms. The ducts are usually very discreet. They are usually hidden either in the ceiling or the walls.

Major benefits include: they are less noisy than split systems, and they can be used to warm or cool an entire house or commercial structure much faster than split systems or ceiling cassettes.

Ducted air conditioners are ideally suited for large establishments with lots of space to hold the ducts.

If you’d like to control the temperature of individual rooms remotely you’ll need to install and use MyAir5 technology.

Ceiling cassette air conditioners are mounted either below the ceiling or are built to appear as part of the ceiling. 

When built within, their bodies are usually hidden in the ceiling with only a small segment with the vents being visible.

Compared to the rest, these units are unique because they can blow air in all directions especially when placed at the center of a room. In very large rooms multiple units can be installed for maximum cooling or warming.

We stock ceiling cassettes from 2.5 -14.5 kilowatts.

Multi-head split systems are similar to the split systems described above but they are more functional in the sense that one external unit can support up to 4 internal units. This means, as a customer, you’ll end up paying considerably less for the system if you choose to, for instance, air condition 4 rooms. Instead of installing 4 different split systems for the individual rooms, you’ll only need one outdoor multi-head unit. 

Multi-head systems are ideally suited for people who have many rooms and are operating on a small budget. They are also best suited for rooms with small ceiling space that cannot support a ducted air conditioning system.

Why Choose Us?

15+ Years’ Experience

Since Port City Aircon established its roots in 2004, the company has undertaken numerous aircon projects on the Sunshine Coast. Our vast experience enables us to perform seemingly complicated tasks with relative ease thus saving you time and money.


We have amassed numerous highly satisfied clients in Mooloolaba and the Sunshine Coast suburbs over our 15+ years of operations due to our commitment to honoring our word. Trust is at the core of virtues that we hold near and dear.

100% Free Quotes For New Installations

We offer all our clients 100% free no strings attached quotes on installation when they contact us.

Give us a call today to learn about the different air conditioning solutions and their accompanying prices based on your specific residential or commercial establishment.

Extremely Passionate about our Craft

We’re constantly enhancing our knowledge about air conditioning systems, and technologies in order to provide our customers with the best products and services possible.

Zero Percent Interest Financing

Would you like to purchase an aircon system but don’t have the full payment? We’ve partnered with Skye MasterCard to ensure you can now purchase one from us without incurring any interest charges for up to 3 years!

Learn more about our finance options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install air conditioning myself?

Under no circumstances should you do this. This type of work should only be carried out by professionals, so make sure you call the team at Port City Air Conditioning to ensure all work is carried out safely and efficiently by one of our licensed technicians.

How do I choose an air conditioner capacity?

It can sometimes be difficult to decide on the right air conditioner for your home or business. the first thing to look at is how big is the room, or how much area will the unit have to cover. For personalised advice, call the team at Port City Air Conditioning.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us either online or by calling to speak with our experts. We can meet all your Mooloolaba air conditioning needs. If you have any questions, or you need clarification on anything relating to our products or services, feel free to let us know. We’re more than happy to give you the answers you need.