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Put home comfort at your fingertips with the revolutionary MyAir air conditioning management system on the Sunshine Coast and the team at Port City Air Conditioning. Part of the MyPlace smarthome system, MyAir5 is fast becoming the must-have addition in Australian homes and businesses. Thanks to smart technology, you can take your residential air conditioning system to new heights by controlling temperature and airflow through a single intuitive touchscreen.

As part of the MyPlace smart technology system, MyAir is designed to fit in with your lifestyle. From its sleek interface to its ability to control up to 10 zones in the home individually, MyAir reduces energy consumption and saves you money – all while redefining the concept of home comfort and convenience. With complete control over your air conditioning systems, you can customise your comfort level and create an environment that works for you and your needs.

As an authorised MyAir installer, we can have a fully-licensed technician come around to your home or business and install your air conditioning system with MyAir5. We take our services all over the Sunshine Coast, including NoosaBuderim and Mooloolaba.

Enhance your air conditioner and discover a smarter, more comfortable way to live this summer. Call us today to talk with one of our friendly professionals and arrange a free onsite quote for new installations.

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What is MyAir Air Conditioning?

MyAir is a superior reverse cycle air conditioning management system created by Advantage Air, a leading brand in smart home technology. Once activated, it enables you to manage up to 10 zones with total control over individual room temperature and air flow. The slimline touchscreen doubles as an Android tablet and controls the management system as well as each air-conditioning unit, eliminating the need for multiple control panels.

Not only that, the MyAir app can convert any smart device into a wireless remote control so you can maintain climate control over your entire home from wherever you are in the world.

Our qualified technicians can help set your home up with MyAir5 today. We’re experts in MyAir air conditioning and know exactly how to convert your property into a smart home or business. We can install a new system and assist you in designing zones to suit your needs or even retrofit MyAir into a pre-existing air conditioning system using the current wiring.

How does MyAir Air Conditioning work?

The MyAir air conditioning management system is designed to combine ultimate comfort with utmost convenience and ease of use. If you’re familiar with using an iPad or iPhone, you won’t have any trouble using the MyAir 5 touchscreen.

MyAir works by giving you control over each room in the house from a centrally located hub. The touchscreen is wall-mounted, meaning it’s always powered and you’ll never lose it. Each air conditioning unit in the house can be found on the home screen where you can easily turn them on and off, as well as view a wider range of options for each unit.

With a highly advanced Exact Air Regulator, you’ll be able to adjust the air flow in individual rooms using 5% increments to ensure you’re getting the exact amount of air needed in each room.

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Climate Control Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

You also have the option of adding an Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensor to automatically maintain an even amount of airflow and temperature across rooms. This avoids over-air conditioning individual rooms and keeps energy costs to a minimum. (madisonavenuemalls) Save even more energy by adding motion sensors. These sensors can detect when a room has been unoccupied for longer than 10 minutes and will adjust the set temperature by 1 degree every 10 minutes. When you return, the room will automatically revert back to its set temperature.

Download the MyAir app to enable any smart device to double as a wireless remote control. Whether you’re coming home from work or on the other side of the world, you can control the airflow and temperature of your home or business. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you’ll be able to log in to the app and access any of your air conditioners.

What are the benefits of MyAir5?

There are many benefits to installing MyAir5 along with your air conditioning system:


With up to 10 zones, you can control the airflow and temperature of every air conditioner in the house through one intuitive touchscreen wired to the wall 


Save big on energy bills by setting each air conditioning unit to your precise preferences. Save further by using this as a climate control air conditioning with Individual Temperature Control and motion sensors to reduce energy costs by up to 20% when rooms are empty

Wireless remote

Access your air conditioners from anywhere in the world through the MyAir app on your smart device. Once downloaded, the app will convert any smart phone or tablet into a wireless remote control that you can use to manage any air conditioner in the home

Australian made

MyAir is 100% Australian made and owned by one of the most trusted and reliable brands in smart air conditioning – Advantage Air. It’s made with Australian homes in mind and is specifically designed to combat the extreme Australian temperatures to keep you comfortable all year round.

Compatible with big brands

MyAir5 can be installed with all of the biggest brands in air conditioning, including Daikin and Mitsubishi. You can also connect different types of air conditioners, including split systemsductedmulti-head and ceiling cassette systems 

Doubles as a tablet

In addition to managing your air conditioning systems, the MyAir touchscreen cleverly doubles as an Android tablet so you can listen to music, check Facebook, search the web, pay bills and much more

Adds value to home

As the frontrunner in cutting-edge smart home technology, the addition of MyAir5 boosts the value of your home or business

Connect MyAir To Any Air Conditioning System

MyAir5 can be used to manage up to 4 different air conditioning systems in your home or business.
Our professional team can install MyAir to work with multiple types of air conditioners, including:

Split System Air Conditioning

One of the most popular types of air conditioners used in Australia for cooling individual rooms. Quiet and discreet, they’re a budget-friendly option for small properties.

Ducted Air Conditioning System

The most energy-efficient option for controlling the temperature of an entire house. Ducted systems use a network of ducts that are installed in the roof of the premise to effectively cool or heat the home through simple air outlets in the ceiling.

Multi-Head Split Systems

When your home has minimal outdoor space, multi-head split systems use a single condensing unit to connect up to five different air conditioning systems for cooling the entire home.

Ceiling Cassettes and Under Ceiling Units

An excellent option when wall space is limited and ducted systems are not suitable for the home or business. Stylish and energy-efficient, they’re a perfect choice for open plan living or large commercial spaces.

open plan living

Enhance your comfort with MyLights Sunshine Coast

Take your home comfort to the next level by adding MyLights on the Sunshine Coast. Designed to work in conjunction with MyAir, MyLights is a smart LED home lighting system that enables you to control the lights in your home or business no matter where you are. Adjust the brightness level from 10% to 100%, turn individual lights on and off or tap to turn them on or off all at once.

Following on from the MyAir mission to combine ultimate comfort with convenience and simplicity, MyLights lets you set your home up exactly the way you like it. With the ability to login to the app on your smart device, you can also maintain control over the security of your house from afar.

As you have the power to manage brightness level and decide which lights are on and off at all times, MyLights is an incredibly energy-efficient option. You can relax knowing you have total control over your home lighting – and your energy bill.

Control your home with MyPlace Sunshine Coast SmartHomes

The MyPlace integration system makes using MyAir, MyLights, and the rest of your smart home technology easier than ever.

A modular system that means you can add more as you go, MyPlace gives you the control of all your technology and automation from one place. Made by Advantage Air, MyPlace allows for seamless integration with both MyAir5 air conditioning (allowing you to control all ten MyAir zones on one screen) and MyLights, but also has a range of other benefits such as connecting with other smart home systems like garage doors or roller blinds.

Whether you’re at home or on holiday, you can control your smart home from the simple-to-use app on your phone or tablet. Not only that, MyPlace will even send you a notification if you’re forgotten something, like closing your garage door (which you can take care of wherever you are). 

Get in touch with the Port City Air Conditioning team today to discuss integrating
MyPlace with your MyAir and MyLights smart home technology.

The ultimate in Smart Air Conditioning on the Sunshine Coast

As more and more aspects of our lives are being made easier with smart technology, it only makes sense that our homes are being upgraded, too. Advantage Air is taking comfort to new extremes with MyAir5 and converting residential and commercial properties into havens of modern convenience and relaxation at the tap of a finger.

At Port City Air Conditioning, we’re the trusted experts when it comes to MyAir5 installation and smart air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast. But that’s not all we do. We’re also available for all of your air conditioner repairs and maintenance needs, as well as electrical and refrigeration work for residential homes and commercial businesses.

To make payment simple, we offer interest-free finance solutions to choose from including:

  •       Humm for convenient payment plans with fortnightly instalments
  •       Afterpay, with instant approval and easy repayment options

If you’re looking for an experienced MyAir air conditioning installer on the Sunshine Coast, give us a call today and let one of our professional team guide you to a more comfortable way of living.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is smart air conditioning?

Smart air conditioning is an air conditioning system that can be controlled remotely. MyAir, for example, uses a tablet to control your air conditioning system, but you can also download an app to control it when you’re not at home.

How do I control my air conditioner with wifi?

Once you have a smart air conditioning system such as MyAir installed, it’s easy to control through wifi via the tablet or smartphone app. It’s as simple as being connected to a network.

Can I make my existing air conditioning smart?

It is possible, yes. The MyAir system is compatible with several existing air conditioning systems.