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Are you looking for a high-quality Noosa air conditioning service provider?

Look no further than Port City Air Conditioning.

The Noosa Air Conditioning Experts

Consider this: on average, temperatures in Noosa, and the Sunshine Coast, in general, can sit around 30 degrees or higher on hot summer days. Combining this with the high humidity that can affect the coastal suburbs means that life can become pretty miserable if you don’t have a dependable air conditioning system.

At Port City Air Conditioning, our goal and mission is to provide our customers with high-quality Noosa air conditioning services so they can live their best lives despite their surrounding weather.

Our team of 25+ professionals understand the importance of quality air conditioning systems in your life and will do everything possible to make such systems energy-efficient and affordable.

With more than 15 years experience, we have successfully served numerous clients and established ourselves as quality air conditioning systems and services providers not only in Noosa but the greater Sunshine Coast area, including Buderim and Mooloolaba.

Port City Air Conditioning offers comprehensive air conditioning solutions to both residential homes and commercial or business centres. We install, repair, maintain, and even design air conditioning systems based on customer specifications. No project is too large, or too complicated for us to handle. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll advise you accordingly depending on your unique project needs and requirements. 

We also offer refrigeration and electrical services for other types of commercial systems.

Call our offices on (07) 5443 4095 to schedule an on-site consultation today, or to chat with our experts. We will answer any questions you may have as well as provide guidance on the best way to proceed that is both efficient and economical.

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Air Conditioning Repairs Noosa

Are you looking for an affordable air conditioning repair service?

Or maybe you’re not sure about the state of your air conditioning system and you’d like an expert to look it over and advise you accordingly.

We can help with both.

Air conditioning units, like any machine, are prone to wear and tear especially if they’re in regions with high heat and humidity such as Noosa, and the Sunshine Coast in general. 

If your air conditioning has broken down we can repair and replace the damaged components to make it good as new once again. We repair all types of air conditioners – this includes but is not limited to, split, multi-head split systems, wall mounted, ceiling cassettes, and ducted air conditioning systems.

You don’t have to wait until you hear strange knocking or rattling sounds coming from your unit to know it needs repairs. The best way to avoid incurring huge repair expenses is to schedule routine maintenance checks with our specialists, preferably every quarter.

Air Conditioning Installation Noosa

Are you thinking about upgrading your air conditioning system for a larger more complex model. Maybe you’ve already bought one, and you’re looking for an expert to carry out your air conditioner installation.

Our technicians at Port City Air Conditioning can sort you out. 

When you reach out, our specialists will come to you and perform the installation in a timely manner. By using state of the art equipment and tools, we guarantee high quality installations that will last for years to come. 

In addition, we obtain all our installation parts from licensed and proven brands such as Daikin. 

Essentially, we are a preferred Daikin installer. This means we have been vetted and approved to carry out any repairs and installations on Daikin systems and products.

Note: Poor air conditioning installations are responsible for many air conditioning problems that arise over time. Do not attempt to install air conditioning systems by yourself. Please leave it to the professionals.

MyAir5 – Overview & Benefits

MyAir5 air conditioning is the latest air control technology series in the market. Basically, this technology system allows you to control the temperature of different rooms from a remote location courtesy of a synced smart device. If you have multiple rooms with different types of air conditioning systems you can also use MyAir5 to link all of them together and control them from a central point.

Other benefits of installing MyAir5 include:

It is a reverse cycle air system. This means it can be used on systems that support both heating and cooling.

It works with virtually all types of air conditioning units. 

It can be used to control the temperatures of up to 10 different zones, or rooms.

At Port City Air Conditioning we are fully authorised and licensed MyAir5 installers. If you’d like to improve your air conditioning system with MyAir5, then give us a call and we’ll discuss the best way to proceed with your project.

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Types of Air Conditioning Systems We Offer

We offer the following air conditioning systems to customers in Noosa and throughout the entire Sunshine Coast.

Split System Air Conditioning sunshine coast

Split System

split system air conditioner consists of four main parts: the evaporator, condenser, compressor and refrigerant.

Unlike the traditional air conditioning system, this system is built to be installed as two separate units – an outdoor and indoor unit. The outdoor unit holds the compressor which circulates the refrigerant. This circulation process produces noise which is why the compressor is placed on the outside. The indoor unit houses the other noiseless components.

Split system air conditioners are highly beneficial if you’re looking for an air conditioning system that operates quietly. Also, if you just want to air condition one room this system is very energy efficient and will meet your needs.

We offer split air conditioning systems in the range of 2-9.5 Kilowatts.

These ceiling air conditioning systems are fixed strategically on ceilings to heat or cool a room. They are mounted on the ceiling because they can channel air in all directions. 

They are best suited for rooms such as offices where wall space is premium and therefore not able to hold the air conditioning unit. Alternatively, they can be used in homes to accentuate an open plan living environment.

Our ceiling cassettes range from 2.5 -14.5 Kilowatts.

This air conditioning system uses ducts as air passages, housed unobtrusively or concealed in roof or wall spaces. The ducts transport air from the central air conditioning unit to the multiple connected rooms.

Ducted air conditioning systems are best suited for homes or commercial structures with multiple rooms that require air conditioning. They are expensive if used only on a few rooms.

The system is also very compatible with MyAir5 technology which allows remote control of individual room temperatures. 

Contact us today and let our specialists set you up with a ducted air conditioning system at the best price!

ceiling cassette air conditioning

Multi-Head Split System

Multi-head air conditioners are basically split systems that are built to air condition multiple rooms using one compressor (one outdoor unit). Normally, split systems require one indoor and one outdoor unit to function. In contrast to this, multi-head split systems can use one outdoor unit to power up to four indoor units.

This means you can cool several rooms without incurring high installation expenses. Likewise, the associated power costs tend to lower when using multi-head split systems compared to installing individual split systems. 

Multi-head split systems are a preferred choice for homes or commercial establishments with many rooms where using ducted air conditioning is not convenient.

Why Work With Port City Air Conditioning in Noosa?

Here are a few reasons you should partner with us at Port City Air Conditioning if you have an air conditioning project.

Highly Trained, Licensed and Experienced Professionals

All of our specialists have undergone rigorous training, are licensed and highly experienced in HVAC. We only hire the best to ensure you receive the absolute best products and services.

Passionate about our industry

We live and breath our work. That’s why we’re the number one choice for many Noosa and Sunshine Coast residents. We love what we do and are constantly enhancing our knowledge of air conditioners by studying new technologies in order to best meet our client requirements.

Interest-Free Payments

If you’d like to purchase a brand new, fully functional air conditioning system but don’t have the total amount you can now acquire one with one of our interest-free finance options. This is possible as we’ve partnered with Skye MasterCard to ensure each of our customers can feel comfortable in their home.

100% Free No Obligation Quotes for New Installations

We do not charge for our quotes or consultations on new air conditioner installations. Whether it’s advice or recommendations you’re looking for, we can help you with absolutely no strings attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you trouble shoot an air conditioner?

If your air conditioner isn’t working properly, there’s a few things you can try, such as cleaning the air filters or checking the outdoor unit to make sure there’s good ventilation on all sides. If this doesn’t help, call the team at Port City Air Conditioning for maintenance services.

Which brand of air conditioner is the best?

It’s hard to label one brand of air conditioner as the best. At Port City Air Conditioning, we’re authorised Daikin installers and partners with Mistubishi, Panasonic and Fujitsu so we offer a wide range of air conditioning units for you to choose from.

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