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While it isn’t quite as humid here on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast as it is up north in places like Cairns or Townsville, it can still be terribly humid at times. As a result, it’s critical that Sunshine Coast’s humidity is a consideration when thinking about air conditioning.

Most people are unaware of how much humidity affects their air conditioning, but you might be shocked to learn that it has a greater impact than you might think. Port City’s trusted installation teams consider a variety of elements during air conditioning installation and system design to guarantee that your air conditioning system is precisely suited for your house or office. Humidity is one of such criteria.

Why humidity matters in air conditioning installation

Have you ever wondered why a humid 25°C seems hotter in the bush or rainforest than a dry 25°C in a dusty outback paddock? Humidity is the answer. Modern air conditioning systems rely on the principle of evaporation: as vapour condenses into a liquid, it absorbs heat; this is also why our bodies generate perspiration to keep us cool.

Because the air is already saturated with water vapour, perspiration evaporates at a significantly slower pace when the relative humidity is high. So, despite the fact that the temperature is the same, one feels much hotter than the other! Installing air conditioning can help to keep your house comfortable even when the humidity rises outdoors on a hot Sunshine Coast day by managing and regulating humidity to maintain a comfortable level.

How air conditioning combats humidity

The purpose of air conditioning is to make your house as comfortable as possible. But that is not just through temperature control – humidity is another factor to consider when it comes to comfort. As a result, many air conditioners also serve as dehumidifiers. Air conditioners may make a home more pleasant by combining dehumidification and cooling. (

Because air conditioners and dehumidifiers have the same components, your air conditioner may also function as a dehumidifier. In fact, some systems allow you to run them purely in dehumidifier mode; if this is a feature you’d like, please contact our team to discuss a system that would meet your needs.

Size Matters…when fighting humidity

When it comes to battling the Sunshine Coast’s humidity, size is important; a system that is too huge and powerful will not only waste electricity but will also exacerbate your humidity problem by producing extra heat in the system. Your air conditioner should be sufficiently sized for the room in question and needs to run for steady periods of time to properly aid in dehumidifying your home. A system that is overprescribed, on the other hand, should only be used for a few cycles before switching to a reduced power mode to keep the air temperature and humidity constant.

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