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Coronavirus COVID-19 Air Conditioning Update
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At Port City Air Conditioning, our technicians always provide highly professional, necessary and essential services to the community, especially now. 

With the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we want to reassure all of our customers that we’re taking all precautionary measures and in some cases, exceeding them. To ensure that our technicians in the field are as safe as possible, the Port City Air Conditioning management team are following advice given by the Australian Health Department and leading regulatory bodies.

The health of customers and technicians has always been a priority of ours, and even before all of this our technicians used personal protective equipment (PPE) when installing, repairing or cleaning air conditioning units and was trained around the handling of biological contaminants so they could carry out their duties with the utmost respect for health and safety.

Now, however, the use of PPE will be heightened when working on customer property to add further protection, and a sense of reassurance. This PPE can include:

  • Wearing facial respirators
  • Wearing (and changing regularly) disposable gloves

Additionally, our technicians will complete a thorough sanitisation process of items they’ve handled during their time working on your air conditioner, such as remote controls, powerpoint switches, door knobs, and so on. Each team member is practicing social distancing and taking additional precautions to enhance our overall safety.

However, it’s very important that we ask that for the safety of our technicians, other customers and the general public that if you’re feeling unwell or in self isolation at the location of any work being undertaken, you inform our staff as soon as possible.



Does my air conditioning need to be disinfected?

At this stage, there is no evidence that COVID is being spread via air conditioning systems. While we generally do recommend a deep clean of your air conditioning system regularly to promote the best air quality, there is no need to rush into it right now due to the pandemic.

A note that was brought to light via the Australian Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (originally written by A.G. Coombs) explores how COVID might interact with an air conditioning system, and outlines the steps that could be taken to minimise any risks.

While most recent information seems to indicate that COVID-19 can be spread through respiratory droplets, this note indicates that there is only a small chance that of these droplets entering and being spread by your air conditioning system. 

These droplets are typically too large to be suspended in the air for long, and will typically fall and land on various surfaces.In some cases, however, some of the fluid will evaporate and these smaller droplets will be suspended in the air. These droplets may stay suspended in the air for long periods of time, and then could conceivably enter your air conditioning system.

The best ways to reduce the likelihood of his happening are:

  • Ensure you’re regularly cleaning your air conditioner
  • Ensure the system is operating properly
  • Ensure the air filter and hydration systems are always clean
  • Limit the use of ceiling fans when the air conditioning system is in use
  • Regularly ventilate your home with fresh air

If you’re unable to carry out any regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit, make sure you reach out to one of our skilled technicians.

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make sure to clean your air conditioner regularly for the best ongoing maintenance
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What’s the difference between airborne and droplet spreads?

In laymans terms, whenever we sneeze or cough, we expel a range of particles. As mentioned above, some of these particles are large droplets, and tend to fall and land on whatever surface is near – think your kitchen bench, work desk, or dining table. 

Smaller particles are lighter, and therefore able to remain suspended in the air (though they evaporate in less than a second). These are airborne particles.

In reference to COVID-19, the World Health Organisation believes that the virus is spread by these heavier droplets, and that you may become infected by coming too close to an infected person or contaminated person. To that end, there is little need to worry about the spread of the virus through your air conditioning system. 

This was initially how it was believed that the virus spread through cruise ships such as the Diamond Princess in the early days of the pandemic. However now the virus is much better understood.

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Will I get infected through airplane air conditioning if I go for a holiday?

This is very unlikely. Airplane’s use HEPA filters in their air conditioning systems that capture 99.999% of all viruses and bacteria (not just COVID).

Unlike traditional systems that recycle air, commercial airplane air conditioning constantly introduces a supply of fresh air into the system, and can move up to 50% of the internal air within 3 minutes. This makes it very unlikely for COVID-19 to be able to move through an airplane air conditioning system.

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How do I protect myself from COVID-19?

In accordance with advice from the World Health Organisation, here are some things you can do to protect yourself from COVID-19:

  • Maintain good personal hygiene, including washing hands frequently with soap
  • Maintain social distancing measures of at least 1.5 meters
  • Regularly disinfect shared surface in your home or vehicle (doorknobs, lightswitches, steering wheels, etc)
  • Use the sanitiser provided when visiting businesses, or carry your own when unable to wash your hands for long periods of time

This was initially how it was believed that the virus spread through cruise ships such as the Diamond Princess in the early days of the pandemic. However now the virus is much better understood.

Contact the Port City Air team today for more information about any of our COVID-19 policies, or how we’re working to provide you excellent service while maintaining the safety of our customers and technicians.

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