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Fujitsu Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

Servicing both private residential properties and commercial establishments in the Sunshine Coast region.

Looking for a highly trusted and professional Fujitsu air conditioning company?

Port City Air Conditioning provides high quality Fujitsu installations, maintenance, and repairs.

We are a fully licensed company with more than 15 years experience handling Fujitsu air conditioning systems. Our extensive experience, open communication, use of the latest technologies, and collaborative approach means you’re assured of getting above satisfactory results. 

Located in Coolum Beach, we serve the entire Sunshine Coast region, including MooloolabaNambour and many other suburbs.

We also perform electrical and refrigeration services.

Please contact us to learn more about our Fujitsu Sunshine Coast air conditioning services.

Benefits of Fujitsu Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

(a) Energy Efficient

Fujitsu air conditioning systems are among the most energy efficient in the market. Some units have been known to slash energy costs by as much as 24%.

This is because most Fujitsu systems are either ductless or well insulated to minimise energy loss.

(b) Reliable

A whopping 99.99 % of Fujitsu units have never had to be removed after their installation due to a manufacturer malfunction. The systems are built to last and serve their full life expectancy. With Fujitsu you can always expect maximum value for your hard earned money.   

(c) MyAir5 Compatible

Fujitsu systems are compatible with MyAir5 technology which facilitates remote temperature control via a smart device.

(d) Rebates and offers

Fujitsu offers rebates i.e. partial cash refunds, for select air conditioning systems. Customers need to pay full price for the air conditioning system in order to qualify.

Sunshine Coast Fujitsu Air Conditioning Installations

At Port City Air we are well acquainted with the nitty-gritty details of installing Fujitsu air conditioning systems. Whether it’s a split, multi-head split, ceiling cassette, or even ducted system, we know how to carry out the installation in a timely and efficient manner, and at the best price for you.

Whether it’s a commercial or residential installation, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us to kick-start your journey to enjoying your Fujitsu air conditioner.

residential air conditioning

Sunshine Coast Fujitsu Air Conditioner Repairs

Is your Fujitsu air conditioning system producing weird hissing or knocking sounds? Have you noticed an upsurge in your air conditioning energy consumption? Does your system take longer to turn on or off?

If so, it’s high time you sought professional help to diagnose and fix any hidden problems.

Our professional experience spanning over 15 years enables us to repair and maintain Fujitsu air conditioning systems. We only use complementary parts from the Fujitsu brand to accomplish the repairs.

Get in touch with out specialists today to have your system restored fully.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Systems – which is right for you?

Split System Air Conditioning sunshine coast

Ducted Air Conditioners

Ducted systems implement “ducts” a.k.a pipes to transmit air to the various rooms. The ducts are hidden from plain view, This is accomplished either through placement above the ceiling, or within the walls.

Benefits of ducted air conditioning systems:

(a) They are compatible with MyAir5 technology. 

This means it’s much easier to control the specific temperature of given rooms remotely.

(b) They’re easy to install.

(c) They’re flexible.

(d) They facilitate faster heating or cooling of rooms compared to other air conditioning options.

Ducted air conditioners are best suited for homes or buildings with many rooms.

Our ducted Fujitsu professionals can develop custom ducted energy efficient solutions for your home or business. Contact us today to learn more.

multi-head split system air conditioning

Split Systems

In a split system, the condenser and compressor are installed as part of the outdoor unit, while the evaporator is installed as part of the indoor unit. The distinct units are then merged via tubing and electrical wires.

Some benefits of installing Fujitsu split system air conditioning in contrast to a regular packaged air conditioning (where all components are housed together) include:

(a) Noise free.

The noisy components i.e. condenser and evaporator, are situated outside the room to be air conditioned. This means the room will have virtually no noise.

(b) Easy to install

Unlike regular air conditioners, with split systems there is no ductwork involved. This simplifies the installation process significantly.

(c) Greater energy efficiency

Since split systems comprise of a ductless design, their energy efficiency is much greater. Ducted systems can lose up to 30% of the energy in transit due to poor insulation of the ducts.

We have a split system for every space. You can choose from our wide range of Fujitsu split systems. We stock units from 2 – 9.5 KW.

ceiling cassette air conditioning

Ceiling Cassettes & Under Ceiling Air Conditioners

Fujitsu under ceiling and ceiling cassettes are installed either beneath the ceiling or within it.

Benefits of Fujitsu air conditioning ceiling cassette systems.

(a) Energy efficient. 

They are designed to regulate temperatures in large rooms with little energy.

(b) Provide aesthetic appeal. 

They can be installed in rooms with open floor plans to complement them.

(c) Available in a wide capacity range. 

We stock Fujitsu ceiling cassettes from 2.5 KW to 14.5 KW.

Get in touch and we’ll guide you accordingly on the best Fujitsu ceiling air conditioning units based on your establishment and architecture.

ceiling cassette air conditioning

Multi-head Split Systems

Multi-head split systems function the same way regular split systems do but with a single distinguishing factor: one outdoor unit can power multiple indoor units.

Fujitsu multi-head split systems are an excellent choice for homes/businesses with insufficient space to accommodate ducted systems. They are also energy efficient and an ideal choice for blocks bearing limited outdoor space.

Why choose us?

Here are a few reasons you should partner with us at Port City Air Conditioning if you have an air conditioning project.

  • Guaranteed results
    Our wealth of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining Fujitsu air conditioning systems means we can guarantee client satisfaction should we take up your project.
  • Diverse
    We’re offer both commercial and residential Fujitsu air conditioning solutions. In addition, we also provide commercial and residential refrigeration and electrical services.

    Depending on your requirements you can obtain a packaged deal which will save you money in the long run. Contact us to learn more.

  • Free quotes for new installations! 
    Not fully sold yet? Schedule a free consultation about new installs with our experts and experience firsthand how we operate. (Tramadol) We’ll provide you with a free onsite installation quote with absolutely no obligations to you.
  • Safety culture
    At Port City Air, we take safety very seriously. All our operations are conducted with strict adherence to Queensland safety laws to ensure the safety of our technicians, subcontractors and the public at large is always maintained.
  • Zero Percent Financing option
    When you choose to purchase a brand new Fujitsu air conditioning system on credit from us you can enjoy up to 3 years of interest free payments. This is as a result of our partnership with Skye Mastercard and Certegy EZI-Pay.

    Contact us for more information on how to best maximise this option.

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