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Panasonic Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

Servicing both private residential properties and commercial establishments in the Sunshine Coast region.

Need a professional for your Panasonic air conditioning needs?

Port City Air Conditioning offers professional, high-quality Panasonic air conditioning services for Sunshine Coast residents.

If you need a company you can trust to install, maintain or repair your Panasonic residential air conditioning, Port City Air will always deliver. With a team of 25+ technicians and more than 15 years of extensive experience handling Panasonic products, you can rest assured we can handle any heating, cooling, or ventilation problems or issues you may have.

In addition, we employ the latest technology and software to manage all our operations including communication with our customers and providing quotations. This ensures all our customers are duly attended to and receive timely service.

We service both private residential properties and commercial establishments in the Sunshine Coast region such as Noosa and Maroochydore, and all the other surrounding suburbs.

We also offer electrical and refrigeration services.

Contact our experts for comprehensive and satisfactory Panasonic air conditioning solutions.

Benefits of Panasonic Air Conditioners on the Sunshine Coast

(a) Comprehensive air solutions

Panasonic has an air conditioning solution for all residential and commercial environments, regardless of their size and build. Their products are also easy to customise.   

(b) High Quality, Durable and reliable products

Panasonic has been providing air conditioning solutions for over 60 years. During this period the company has mushroomed into a globally recognised brand by producing superb functioning and long lasting air conditioning products. Panasonic products come with a 5 year warranty.

(c) Technologically relevant air conditioning solutions

Panasonic continually makes people’s lives simpler and more comfortable by developing air conditioning solutions using the latest technologies.

Panasonic Air Conditioning System Installations

Have you recently bought a Panasonic air conditioning system? Or perhaps you’re considering acquiring one and you need help with the installation.

Our Panasonic specialists have the experience to install a Panasonic air conditioner on any residential or commercial property irrespective of the architecture or size of the establishment.

We can guarantee above satisfactory results since we use the latest tools, equipment and technologies in all our installations.

Contact us to learn about our installation process, our special discount offers for massive air conditioning installations, and so much more.

residential air conditioning

Panasonic Air Conditioner Repairs

Has your Panasonic air conditioning malfunctioned?

Hissing and knocking sounds, abnormal air conditioning power consumption, and difficulty turning the system on and off, are a few red flags signalling your system may be compromised.

Regardless of the type of air conditioner, or model, we can get it up and running smoothly again.

Our highly skilled technicians have the skills and experience to troubleshoot, and repair your Panasonic air conditioning system.

We’ll restore your system back to its former glory at the best price possible.

Panasonic Air Conditioning Systems – Find The Best Air Conditioner For Your Needs

Some Panasonic air conditioning systems we offer include:

Split System Air Conditioning sunshine coast

Ducted Air Conditioners

Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems consist of a concealed indoor unit, usually a system of pipes, that delivers air to individual rooms via vents in the walls, ceilings, or even floors.

Ducted systems are super flexible, easy to install, and make heating or cooling rooms much faster. They’re also compatible with MyAir5 technology which facilitates the remote control of airflow to specific rooms and spaces using a smart device e.g. tablet.

Contact our seasoned experts to learn more on how best to maximise ducted systems.

multi-head split system air conditioning

Split Systems

Panasonic split system is an air conditioning unit that uses a refrigerant for heat exchange, and has a condenser, compressor, and evaporator as separate components. The compressor and condenser are installed as part of the outdoor unit i.e. outside the room you wish to cool, while the other components form the indoor unit. The two units are then linked via a set of tubing and electrical wires. 

Benefits of a split system include that they’re economical to operate, quiet to run, and can be easily upgraded to a multi-head system in the future.

Our Panasonic split air conditionings are available from 2 – 9.5KW

ceiling cassette air conditioning

Multi-head Split Systems

Multi-head air conditioners are an improved version of split systems. Comparatively, they consume less energy and provide more functionality.

In contrast to a split system, instead of serving only one room, one multi-head split unit can serve up to 4 rooms concurrently.

They are recommended for establishments with multiple rooms where the limited space cannot support ducted systems. They’re also ideal for use in cramped rooms with very minimal available space.

ceiling cassette air conditioning

Ceiling Cassettes

These air conditioning systems are installed either below or within the ceiling to blend with it.

Benefits of ceiling cassettes and under ceiling units:

(a) They channel air in all directions making them a top choice for large rooms or rooms with open floor plans.

(b) They can be incorporated as an embellishment to enhance the beauty of a room.

(c) They are an excellent choice for establishments where ducted systems cannot be implemented easily.

Our Panasonic cassettes are available from 2.5 -14.5 KW.

We’ll help you determine the best Panasonic ceiling unit based on your requirements and the nature of your space.

Why choose us?

Here are a few reasons you should partner with us at Port City Air Conditioning if you have an air conditioning project.

  • We exceed expectations
    Our extensive experience handling Panasonic air conditioning systems means we’ll not only satisfy your expectations but exceed them. We can carry out installations, repairs, and maintenance in a much shorter time and at a very convenient price compared to non-specialised air conditioning professionals.
  • Long standing history in Queensland
    Port City Air Conditioning was established in 2004 and we have developed deep roots in Queensland and the Sunshine Coast. We’re not just a business. We’re a community. This outlook is at the core of how we treat all our customers.
  • Free quotes for new installations!
    We consider your requirements and provide you with a free quote on installations with no strings attached.
  • Interest-free payment
    Port City Air’s partnership with Certegy EZI-Pay and Skye Mastercard allow customers to purchase a brand new Panasonic air conditioning system and finance the credit at absolutely no interest for up to 36 months.
    For comprehensive information on how best to maximise this option please contact our friendly staff or schedule a consultation and speak to our experts.
  • Our environmental and safety culture
    We’re super cautious when it comes to environmental and public safety. Port City Air is committed to the safe handling and disposal of any HVAC waste e.g. refrigerant gases, to reduce global warming and environmental degradation. We also promote strict adherence to moral and statutory obligations in our industry thus ensuring our technicians, customers, and the general public are safe at all times.

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