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Summer’s starting to come to an end, and if you’ve spent the last three months sweltering then it might be time to consider air conditioning for your Sunshine Coast home or business. There’s no time like the present to invest and make sure you have the systems in place before the next summer.

Of course, many air conditioning systems can now heat your home in the cooler months as well, making air conditioning a year-round investment for your home.

At Port City Air Conditioning, we have more than 25 years experience installing and maintaining air conditioning systems, so you can rest assured that when you partner with us you’re only getting the best.

What kind of air conditioning systems do we work with and install?

Split System & Ducted Systems.

Split and ducted air conditioning systems are generally the first types of systems you think of when you hear the term ‘air conditioning’. They’re great for both residential and commercial uses, and each comes with its own benefits. We work with a range of manufacturers, including Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic and more.

No matter whether you’re wanting to install air conditioning in a residential or commercial space, there is a system that’s right for the space and the amount of use it will get. Our experienced technicians can help design a system that will cater to your needs.

Multi-head And Ceiling Cassette Systems.

These are a little less common, though both have great benefits. They’re slightly more flexible than your ‘traditional’ systems, meaning they can be used in any type of building. 

Both multi-head and ceiling cassette systems are energy-efficient options for your home, and offer space-saving features to make sure that the cooling system isn’t an intrusion into your home

Sunshine Coast MyAir

Smart Air Conditioning

As well as traditional air conditioning systems, we also offer MyAir5 and the MyPlace smart home system to make turning on, adjusting, and enjoying your air conditioning easier than ever. 

There are immeasurable benefits to installing smart technology into your home to control your air conditioning, lighting, and other home systems. You never have to worry about forgetting to turn off a light, or returning home to a stuffy house full of hot air. ( You can control all of these systems remotely to make sure your home is always perfect to return to.

You can also call on us for all the repairs and maintenance you need. Once your air conditioning unit is installed, it needs to be taken care of regularly to ensure that the system continually operates at the optimal level.

Why Choose Port City Air Conditioning For Air Conditioning On The Sunshine Coast?

Port City Air Conditioning are the premier air conditioning installation and maintenance technicians on the Sunshine Coast. We can work with you to ensure you have the right system for your space, and for how it will be used. 

Get started with your new air conditioner today – get in touch with the team at Port City Air Conditioning.