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With energy prices seemingly soaring year after year, homeowners are searching for ways to improve air conditioner efficiency and longevity whilst reducing costs overall. 

Air Conditioning, if used correctly should only account for 10-15% of your annual energy expenditure. If your power bill is heading up and up, here are some simple steps to keep your AC running longer, smoother and cheaper.

Unblock and vacuum your vents 

The most obvious way to promote efficiency in your AC is to keep the vents free from debris. 

You should consider what size air filter is needed if any for the vents. Do the vents look dirty? When was the last time you cleaned the vents? 

Cleaning the vents is essential for steady airflow through your system. 

Close All Doors and Windows

This one is pretty obvious when it comes to efficiency and longevity of your air conditioning. Imagine you have the fridge door open too long until it beeps. The beep is to not only warn you of the door being open, but is an energy consumption indicator that the fridge is working too hard to keep the contents of your fridge chilled. 

Imagine your air conditioning in the same scenario but with the windows and doors open letting all the warm or cool air you have created out. 

Find your thermostat sweet spot

Pushing the temperature up and/or down between 4-6 degrees can and will keep your air conditioning running at its prime energy level. Typically in summer a good temperature range to keep your home cool is between 22-24 degrees. In winter, 24-26 degrees.

Cover your windows

Pulling your curtains or closing the blinds can significantly reduce heat in summer. It can also keep heat or cool in. 

Shade your outside condenser

There’s no question that the summer sun can be brutal, especially in Queensland. 

The heat can have a huge impact on your outdoor appliances and air conditioning condensers are often in the line of fire. You should always find a cool place for your condenser and somewhere airflow is not obstructed. 

Insulate any exposed ductwork 

Did you know there may be exposed ductwork in your attic, or even in the crawlspace under your home? If there is, it may be leaking, which isn’t a good for the unconditioned environments above the ceiling and below the floor. Especially because the human eye can’t see them. 

While you may be able to determine if there is an issue with your ducts, you may not be able to handle the problem on your own. We highly recommend calling Port City Air as soon as possible without using your air conditioner until we can diagnose the problem and offer a solution. 

Change the AC filters regularly

When your AC system achieves maximum airflow, it means it is going to operate at maximum efficiency. However, if you are operating the unit with dirty filters, it can significantly impact the overall performance. 

Dirty filters are not only going to reduce the quality of air in your home, but they may reduce the airflow, making the job of heating or cooling your home a lot harder. 

This issue is a cheap and easy fix and will prevent efficiency problems and increase the longevity of your air conditioning system. 

Avoid using your oven or dryer

When you use appliances in the home that can counteract your air conditioning, you will experience the air conditioning working up to 25% harder to cool your home. Obviously, if your laundry is away from the rooms you are trying to cool, then this is ok. Close the doors and windows of the main rooms you are cooling for the best efficiency. 

Install a zoning system 

A great way to control the temperature in each room differently. Divide the home into groups of rooms or individual rooms to achieve customised cooling levels. 

Schedule regular maintenance with a professional 

One of the best things you can do is schedule regular maintenance with a professional air conditioning technician. Bi-annually or once annually is recommended for optimising the performance of the unit for warmer and cooler months. 

Have a question or wanting to maximise your air-conditioning investment? Reach out to Port City Air Conditioning today – here.