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signs you need an air conditioner service

It takes years before anyone can get fully acclimated to Queensland’s warm climate. Even the locals on the Sunshine Coast still complain about the heat from time to time, especially during summer. The best way to keep cool amidst the sweltering environment is to switch on your home air conditioning system.

The Sunshine Coast receives up to 116 days of clear skies every year, and so most households here keep their air conditioning units running all day long. As a result, the poor machines wear more quickly than expected. This is probably why your own air conditioner has started giving you the occasional headache. While you can fix simple cooling problems on your own, you should know when calling in a professional technician is a more practical idea. 

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you need a professional residential air conditioning service.  

Warm Air Blowing Out of the Vents

The rate by which your air conditioner cools down your home depends on a number of factors, such as the time of day it was switched to a cooler temperature and how long since it was reset to a higher temperature. If you switched on your air conditioner and it seems to not be producing cool air, maybe any of those factors is still at work and you just have to wait a little longer to feel the temperature changing. It’s an entirely different case when the air blowing out of the vents is warm instead of cold. That could mean the thermostat is set to a higher temperature than your home’s current temperature.

If the problem persists even after you adjusted the thermostat setting, it might be a sign of a compressor issue. Don’t try opening up the outside compressor to confirm the problem by yourself. This is one of those situations in which a professional technician has to take over.

Unit Breaks Cycling Routine

Air conditioning systems are designed to kick on and off in cycles to maintain a certain temperature in your home. Keeping cold air blowing at a constant rate without any temporary holdback could overcool your home. Similarly, if the cycles are broken and your cooling unit is switching on and off at a much faster rate, not only will this affect the supply of cold air into your home, but it could also mean the unit is experiencing a number of serious problems. When you notice that your air conditioner is short cycling, don’t ignore it, because it’s a problem that can cost you big money to fix. Call in a professional technician right away.

Here are some early signs that you need air conditioner repairs

Poor Airflow

Is your cooling unit not supplying your home with enough air? Does it feel like there’s something blocking the duct system, causing cold air to back up into you cooling unit? It’s most likely a case of a clogged air filter. Air filters accumulate dust and debris as cool air blows in and out of the air conditioner. In just a few months, the dust and debris deposit may already be enough to block the air passage. Make sure to replace your air conditioner’s filters at least every three months. 

However, a clogged filter is not the only possible cause of poor airflow. If you continue to get less cool air even after you replace the filter, it could indicate a broken motor or something more serious. In that case, you need the aid of a technician. In fact, you should contact an air conditioning repair service provider like Port City Air Conditioning the moment you realize you can’t identify the cause of the problem.

Indoor Air Feels Sticky 

Your air conditioning system doesn’t just cool your indoor air. It also keeps moisture levels within a comfortable range. If the air inside your home feels a little bit sticky, it means your air conditioner is not moderating humidity levels effectively. This could lead to several issues apart from discomfort. For instance, if the humidity level is too low, your family might experience dry, itchy throats and eyes. If it’s too high, dust mites, mould and mildew might thrive. Before any of these happens, contact a technician as soon as you notice the problem.

Water Leaking into Your Home from the Air Conditioner

No matter how technical it may sound, air conditioning is actually a pretty simple process. It only follows a quite popular physical law, i.e. liquid absorbs heat as it transforms into gas. The amount of heat absorbed depends on the type of liquid used. As for air conditioning, refrigerant is used because it has a high heat absorbing property. The process involves transforming refrigerant into gas repeatedly to absorb the heat from the warm air passing through it.

As cold air meets warm air, condensation takes place, forming moisture. This moisture is supposed to be disposed of into a special container. If it’s leaking into the house, it’s a tell-tale sign that your air conditioning system is not running properly. It could be that the problem has been going on for some time and water has already pooled and stagnated in your air conditioner, which could trigger corrosion of the parts. An HVAC technician can help determine the cause of the leak and correct the flow of condensate. 

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Air Coming Out of the Vents Stinks

Air conditioning helps improve the overall quality of your air. It not only takes away the warm air but also avoids some unpleasant smells. If your cooling unit happens to be the source of the bad odour you’ve been smelling all day, then there must be something wrong. If it’s giving off a sweet, chloroform or ether-like scent, refrigerant must be leaking inside the unit and has reached the path of air. You may also check if mould or bacteria from stagnant condensate leak has spread within the evaporator coils.

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Strange Noises

In any type of machine, strange noises are considered a bad sign. If your air conditioner is making a buzzing, humming, or rattling sound or any noise that you are not familiar with, it may indicate a loose or broken part that needs to be fixed right away. Have your cooling unit examined and tuned up by a professional technician to get rid of both the sound and fix its source once and for all.

Rust Forming Along the Casing

It’s unusual for air conditioners to corrode easily even when they are exposed to moisture from outside and from the condensate inside them. If you notice rust forming along the casing and it’s spreading at an exponential rate, it’s either you bought a poor-quality product or a leak has exceeded manageable levels. Don’t let the rust further damage your unit.

These are only some of the issues you might encounter with your air conditioning system. Don’t hesitate to call a professional when it’s already obvious that you need to. Your air conditioner will not fix those issues on its own. Only a professional technician from a trusted company on the Sunshine Coast, such as Port City Air Conditioning, can guarantee air conditioner repairs with safe and lasting results.

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