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Now more than ever, as we self isolate and work from home, our air conditioning systems are running day in and day out. While it’s good to go outside for a walk to get some fresh air, it’s also important to make sure that the air that you’re breathing from your air conditioner while spending so much time indoors is fresh as well. 

Australians are spending up to 90% of their time indoors right now, so it’s important to keep indoor air quality at its highest standard with a well-maintained air conditioner.

Long-term exposure to poor air quality can lead to a range of health problems, including respiratory conditions such as shortness of breath, aggravated asthma, and even irritation in your eyes, nose and throat.

How do I improve my air quality?

There are a few ways to improve the quality of the air that comes into your home through your air conditioner. 

To start, think about the chemicals that might be in the air in your home. This can be things like deodorants and perfumes, to more serious things such as cigarette smoke. Not only can these on their own be harmful, they can get into your air conditioner filters and contaminate the air it produces.

Most air conditioner repairs can be completed in just a couple of hours.

Ensuring your home is well-ventilated by opening windows and not allowing these to linger will help keep your filters clean for longer. You will also avoid more frequent allergic reactions and respiratory issues, as these chemicals won’t be recurring in the air.

Also, make sure you are dusting effectively. Some dusters will just move the dust from one place to the other, without actually removing it. By ensuring that you’re actually capturing the dust and removing it, the air conditioning system won’t continue to circulate it. 

This can be easily achieved with a damp microfiber cloth, followed by a tea towel. Then, make sure you rinse all of the dust captured by the cloth down the drain.

Then, of course, it’s also important to clean the filters of the air conditioner on a regular basis, as some dust and first will still get captured there. This is a very easy thing to do – simply remove the filters and rinse them, ensuring they’re fully clean and dry before you put them back in the system.

We recommend cleaning your filters at the beginning of every season, in addition to the other methods to maintain good indoor air quality.

What if I’m doing that and my air quality is still bad?

If doing this type of maintenance hasn’t improved your air quality, it might be time to have your air conditioning unit professionally deep cleaned.

An experienced technician will take your system apart and meticulously clean each component with a pressure cleaner to ensure there is no dust, mould or buildup. Then, it’s all put back together again so you can enjoy your fresh, clean air.

Good air quality from your air conditioner is perhaps more important now than it ever has been. If you’re concerned about the quality of the air in your home, make sure you talk to a professional. Port City Air Conditioning has been repairing and maintaining air conditioning systems on the Sunshine Coast since 2004, so you have the peace of mind that we’re the experts.

Contact us today to get your air conditioner clean and working to the highest standard.