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Best Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner Operate at Maximum Efficiency

The average household on the Sunshine Coast owns at least five ‘power guzzlers’, the most insatiable of which is the air conditioner. It accounts for up to 50 percent of your home’s overall energy consumption, especially during summer when it has to stay on for up to 20 hours per day. Thankfully, there are ways to improve the efficiency of your home cooling system so you can cut down on your monthly bill. 

Insulate the ceiling

The idea is to avoid having to set your air conditioner to the lowest temperature. To do that, you need to eliminate as much heat inside your house as possible. Some of this heat comes from the ceiling as it traps the heat absorbed by the roof, particularly if the roof deck isn’t well insulated. Improving your ceiling’s insulation will not only keep heat from transferring into your home’s interior, but it will also keep cool air from escaping through the roof.

Be Mindful of the Temperature

You can keep your air conditioner on all day and still save energy by simply being mindful of the temperature. Keep in mind that the lower the temperature, the harder your air conditioner has to work, and therefore the bigger your bill will be. Always check your thermostat and make sure to set it to just enough temperature for your indoor air to cool down at a comfortable level. 

Keep Your Dryer and Oven Use in Check

Apart from the ceiling, all electrical appliances in your house may also contribute to the heat that encumbers your air conditioner. The most common of these heat-generators are your dryer and oven. Of course, you should use them when you need to but it would help take a great deal of load off your air conditioner if you use them sparingly.

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Unblock the Vents

Are your vents clogged with dust and debris? Is there anything getting in the way of cool air coming out of the vents? If there is, don’t be surprised why you are spending more on energy than you should. Remove any obstruction from the vents to allow as much cool air into your home as possible. Eventually, your air conditioner doesn’t have to be set to a very low temperature just to make your home snug.

ceiling cassette air conditioning

Consider Having a Ceiling Air Conditioner

Unlike a wall-mounted air conditioner, a ceiling air conditioner allows for better circulation of cool air. Since warm air rises and cool air falls, it will be much easier for your air conditioner to suck up warm air and release cool air when it’s above your head. This is especially critical for large spaces with a high ceiling. 

Multi-Head Split system

If having a ceiling mounted air conditioner for residential buildings doesn’t seem enough to reduce your energy consumption, consider using a multi-split system instead of a single split unit in every room. A multi-split system has multiple indoor units supported by a single compressor. Not only does this help minimise your energy use, but it also helps conserve space as you only have to pick a single spot outside your house for the outdoor unit.

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These are just some of the things that you can do on your end to make your cooling system more efficient. Of course, your most viable option is to call in a technician to check your air conditioner and your home at the same time for possible issues that might be contributing to your energy consumption. Technicians from reputable companies like Port city Air Conditioning can give you advice not just on how you can save energy but also on choosing the best type and brand of cooling system to use. Contact us today for an informed chat.