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not sure about split system vs ducted?

It’s hard to imagine living in Queensland, particularly on the Sunshine Coast, without air conditioning installed in your home or business. While the state’s climate varies from hot and humid in the far north to cool temperatures in the southeast, areas near the coast are in deadlock with heat, especially during summer. To stand a chance against the heat, the majority of residential and commercial properties here are equipped with air conditioning.

So should you get split system or ducted air conditioning installed?

With the many types and brands of air conditioning on the market, choosing one for your home or workplace can be a challenge. With the help of expert technicians from one of Queensland’s leading cooling solutions providers, such as Port City Air Conditioning, you can find the most suitable type. Here are the two most popular choices.


Considered as the most common type of air conditioning system, ducted air conditioning consists of a cooling unit and a network of supply and register ducts. The cooling unit has the same mechanism as that of other air conditioning systems, converting warm air into cold air through refrigeration. Unlike other cooling systems, however, a ducted system requires a bigger and more powerful cooling unit since it has to supply cool air to the entire building.

Ducted cooling systems work by recycling the air in your home. Initially, the cooling system blows cool air into the house through the supply and register ducts installed on the floor, wall, or ceiling. As the cool air circulates, it warms up and returns to the ducts and into the cooling unit to be cooled again, and the cycle repeats until you turn the cooling unit off. This kind of system is perfect for large buildings where constant cooling is needed and installing ductless air conditioning units is more expensive.

under ceiling air conditioning has a lot of pros and cons

Split system

If you are planning on cooling no more than a couple of rooms, a ducted aircon system may not be a practical choice. You might want to consider a split system instead. This consists of an indoor and outdoor unit, the indoor unit being the main cooling component, with the outdoor unit being the compressor. They are connected by an electric cable and two copper pipes along which the refrigerant flows.

Depending on the unit’s size, a split system can support a small room or a big hall, making it a perfect choice for offices that need selected rooms to be constantly air conditioned. Modern split systems also come with a remote control. Some are even paired with a heating unit for heating in winter. Meanwhile, the split system air conditioner installation method may vary depending on which type of unit you choose. Some units are designed to be mounted on the wall or ceiling, with others on the floor or even on the duct.

Regardless of the type of air conditioning system you want for your building, make sure that it comes from a trusted brand and is installed by a reputable installation company. Luckily, there are air conditioning installation companies, such as Port City Air Conditioning, that have a team of highly experienced technicians and carry the world’s best cooling brands. And when you ask how much does air conditioning installation cost, you won’t be disappointed by their answer.

Of course, here at Port City Air Conditioning, we also offer multi-head air conditioning and under-ceiling or ceiling cassette systems – just talk to one of our friendly team.

Why Should You Consult A Professional When Choosing Air Conditioning?

No matter how much experience you have in doing aircon related jobs, if it’s not your specialty, the risk of choosing the wrong system for your home or business remains high. Here’s what might happen.

Choosing the wrong type of air conditioner.

This is perhaps the biggest mistake an inexperienced installer could make. We all know that there are many types of aircons, each of which has unique features that suit specific situations. For instance, a central air conditioning system requires ductwork. If you fail to take into account your home’s suitability for ductwork construction, you might end up doing a major overhaul and going beyond your budget.

Choosing the wrong size.

Air conditioners also come in different sizes. The bigger the unit, the higher its capacity is. With little knowledge about standard aircon sizes, you might choose a unit that’s either too small or too big for the room you want to cool.

Installing in the wrong place.

When installing an air conditioner, you have to consider a lot of things, from the section of the room you want the cold air to blow in, to the safest place outside your home to put the compressor. If you don’t take all of these things into account, chances are you’ll end up boring holes on the wrong wall.

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