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Choosing the best air conditioning for your home can be overwhelming. With so many different options and brands. Factors like room size, unit size and even which type of air-conditioning unit. Reaching the right decision is challenging. If you’re finding yourself stuck doing your research, seeking some expert advice will ensure you get the best result for your home. Port City Air-Conditioning are experts across the Sunshine Coast and we can confidently declare that in most situations a split system air-conditioning unit is usually* the right choice, here’s why.

  1. Split systems are the most common type of air conditioning in Australia and are trusted by more than 70% of households around the country. This translates to a lot of expertise readily available to help with the units and a significant investment in their improvement from manufacturers. Warranty, longevity and availability due to their popularity ensure you’re getting a great product from the get-go.
  2. There are different sized options determined by the size of the rooms you are cooling/heating. For example, for a 20 sqm bedroom, you will need a 2-2.5kw system, however, if you are cooling/heating a larger space such as an 80 sqm office, you may require a 6-9kw system. These are the recommended size systems, some customers choose bigger systems for smaller rooms for faster cooling/heating but power consumption is worth considering in these instances. 
  3. Split system air conditioning is easy to operate. Usually, remote-controlled with a variety of simple heating and cooling options. Timers are a great feature of split systems and with today’s technology, you can be sitting in the office or on the worksite, adjusting the temperature of your air conditioning from your phone or tablet. 
  4. Split system air conditioning is easy to maintain and we recommend cleaning them regularly to avoid the build-up of moisture and mould. 
  5. Split system air conditioning is cheap to operate. A medium-sized split system unit (4kw) costs between $400-$500 per year to operate, significantly less if your home is solar-powered.

As with everything individual circumstances can change everything as something that is perfect for one home is not perfect for every home. So whilst the split systems may be cost and energy effective you will always reap dividends by getting in touch with our team of experts and working towards the best possible solution for your home and air conditioning needs.

For more information on Split System Air Conditioners please contact Port City Air for an obligation free quote. Our technicians are experienced and can help you with your residential and commercial needs.

*With the market these days, there are a/c’s for everything, and most notably, one for every budget. BUT, this does not out-weigh the customers wants or needs. For example, you could have a room that needs a 3.5KW but due to circumstances, the owner only wants to put a 2.5kw in. This decision can be dictated by budget or factors such as a rental property or what they want to show a prospective buyer for their home… sometimes it comes down to aesthetics and a style that is in keeping with your home. Port City Air-Conditioning will always make recommendations to maximise your investment. Regardless of; Split system, multi-head split or ducted, they all have awesome qualities that are attractive to different individuals so it really does come down to personal preference and home needs.