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Did you know that around 40% of your energy bill is spent on heating and cooling? For the average Queensland home that’s a significant portion of money. With energy prices heading up and up, reducing this cost should be a priority. With that in mind the below seven points are certainly worth a read. Maximise your energy efficiency, keep your home comfortable and don’t break the bank in doing so. Here are 7 ways to save money running your air conditioner.

  1. Energy Rating –  That energy rating sticker is based on standardised testing and required by law on all units. So it’s much more than a gimmick. When comparing air-conditioning units for your home, start by the size you need and then look at the energy rating. The more stars the more efficient and sometimes, the more expensive the model, however a more efficient unit will save you dollars in the long run. It’s worth the up front investment.
  2. Consider Solar – Install or upgrade your solar power system. Queensland is an especially good location for solar power with an average of 300 days a year receiving cloudless sunshine! A 6kw solar system can completely offset the cost of a 5 bedroom house running their air conditioning for 10 hours a day, 365 days a year! 
  3. Consider size – Having the right size unit air conditioner is an important factor and with the help of our Port City Air specialists, we can guarantee an even spread of heating and cooling distribution around your home. 
  4. Use Eco Mode – Most modern air conditioners feature an Eco-Mode setting designed to heat and cool your home at the most energy efficient solution. Eco-Mode reads the current temperature of the room and will heat or cool the room to a satisfactory level without blowing out the energy levels. 
  5. Run at 24 degrees – Run your air conditioner at 24 degrees celsius as often as possible. This is the most energy efficient and most comfortable temperature for most homes in any season of the year. 
  6. ‘Cheaper’ is a false economy – We aren’t saying you should go out and buy the most expensive unit on the market but don’t let a salesman lure you into going for a lesser known brand over the well known units like Daikin, Fujitsu or Mitsubishi. These products are tried and tested, easy to service and have been heating and cooling homes in Australia for decades. Doing your research before purchasing will be your best bet.
  7. Air-Conditioning on the Sunshine Coast – The Sunshine Coast is a beautiful place to live. Our subtropical climate ensures we enjoy moderate winters but often warm humid summers. When considering an air-conditioning unit for your Sunshine Coast home, factoring in that it will most likely be used for cooling and not often for heating may help your decision making process. If you get stuck, remember our friendly team can offer advice. 

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