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MyPlace is an integrated smart home system created by Advantage Air that allows you to control your entire home from the touch of a button. It’s an entirely modular system which means you’re able to add more as you go. Enjoy the control of all your technology and automation from one point.

In particular, the MyPlace system controls the MyAir and MyLights systems, allowing you to control all ten MyAir zones and lights in different rooms from one screen.

As we move into the future of automation and making things as easy and convenient as possible for ourselves, the idea of having all of these systems connected to one touchpoint is an appealing one. Enjoy the ease and convenience that comes with having all of your systems accessible with the touch of a button, and get in touch with the team at Port City Air Conditioning.

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My Air Sunshine Coast

The MyAir smart air conditioning system combines ultimate comfort with utmost convenience and ease of use. If you’re familiar with using smartphones or tablets, using the MyAir 5 touchscreen will be a breeze.

MyAir works by giving you control over each room in the house from a centrally located hub, generally mounted to the wall. Each air conditioning unit in the house can be found on the home screen where you can easily turn them on and off, as well as view a wider range of options for each unit.

This allows you the utmost control over your home comfort, even if you’re not at home. Downloading the MyAir app on your phone will allow you to control your air conditioning from anywhere so it’s perfect for when you arrive home.

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My Lights Sunshine Coast

Designed to work in conjunction with MyPlace and MyAir, MyLights is a smart LED home lighting system that lets you control the lights in your home no matter where you are. Adjust the brightness level from 10% to 100%, turn individual lights on and off, or tap to turn all the lights on or off at once.

MyLights lets you set your home up exactly the way you like it convenience and simplicity. With the ability to login to the app on your smart device, you can also maintain control over the security of your house from afar.

benefits of myplace smart home

Why Install My Place in your Sunshine Coast Home?

There are many benefits of MyPlace, MyAir, and MyLights. Whether you’re at home or on holiday, you can control your smart home from the simple-to-use app on your phone or tablet. Not only that, MyPlace will even send you a notification if you’re forgotten something, like closing your garage door (which you can take care of wherever you are). 

Get in touch with us at Port City Air Conditioning today to discuss adding the My Place  system to your home technology and integrating it with MyAir and MyLights.