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essential air conditioning COVID-19

During this time of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the wellness of our customers is our top priority. It’s important to us that your air conditioner is working properly and giving you a comfortable living environment while we’re all spending so much time at home.

If you happen to be ill in some way, or elderly, this is especially important. At Port City Air Conditioning, we service the air conditioning units in various aged care homes, so this is something that we are very conscious of, both professionally and personally.

We’re taking extra care when out on the job by wearing gloves and masks, and each of our team members have gotten the most recent flu shot. Additionally, we’re adhering to – or where possible, expanding on – social distancing measures.

Importantly, we also liaise with each client to make sure they’re comfortable with having our technicians in their homes. The comfort of each of our customers during this time is very important to us, and we endeavour to find compromises where we can.

What Are Port City Air Conditioning’s Essential Services?

Preventative maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance is important to the overall life of your air conditioner and reducing the need for expensive replacements. 

Maintenance of your air conditioning system is important all year round, but is more important than ever right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. At Port City Air Conditioning, we’re working to ensure that all of our customers have clean, sanitised air and high air quality.

It’s also important to have the filters of your air conditioner cleaned before winter, especially if you have a reverse-cycle system that will heat your home. Dust can potentially catch fire and pose an even greater threat to your health, especially while we’re at home and using our air conditioning unit more than ever.

Deep cleaning

If you haven’t had your air conditioner inspected for maintenance in a while, then perhaps a deep clean is more beneficial than a standard service.

A deep clean is key to ensuring the air conditioner is functioning properly, providing clean and sanitised air, and most importantly, keeping your home cool and comfortable. More thorough than a regular clean, a deep clean starts with your system being taken apart systematically, and each section individually cleaned using a pressure cleaner.

This ensures all mould or other buildup has been removed and there’s no contamination from parts such as the filters, evaporator coils and return air grills. 

Then, as the system is put back together, each part is sanitised using HVAC-specific products that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Our team is very careful with this sanitisation process, especially in the current climate. Our goal is to keep your home as safe and healthy as we can. 

At Port City Air Conditioning, we’re going above and beyond during this time to make sure that our staff and our customers are safe. Get in touch with our team today to discuss maintenance for the air conditioning in your home and our process for ensuring our work is carried out in the safest manner possible.