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Why Choose A Daikin Commercial Air Conditioning System

Enduring summer on the Sunshine Coast takes a lot more than simply getting used to the heat. You need a high-performance air conditioning system running throughout the day to maintain a bearable indoor environment. Especially if it’s for a commercial facility, where even the slightest of warmth could stall operations and sales. You owe it to your employees and customers to invest in a fully functioning aircon system for their comfort.

With so many types and brands of commercial air conditioning systems available on the Australian market, it can be difficult to identify the one that best suits your commercial cooling needs. The most popular choice among businesses on the Sunshine Coast these days is Daikin, one of the world’s leading refrigeration and air conditioning innovators, and it’s easy to understand why.

Benefits Of A Daikin Commercial Air Conditioner:

Vast Selection

Daikin is dedicated to creating energy-efficient air conditioning systems. Having been around for decades, they are able to create a multitude of air conditioner options for all kinds of commercial environments. Whether you run a grocery store or a factory, there’s a specific type of air conditioner that fits your cooling needs.

Specialist Dealer Network

Unlike other brands of air conditioner that simply sell products, Daikin has a “special dealer network”. This is a service system that provides customers with access to professional aid in assessing, planning and installing the perfect air-conditioning solution for their commercial facility. In other words, you don’t have to hire a third party to have your newly-purchased machine installed in your building. 

Technician working on Daikin commercial air conditioning

After Sales Support

After the successful planning and installation of your commercial air conditioner, you may think the Daikin team are done assisting you and you might not hear from them again. However, Daikin has an after-sales support team that will guide you every step of the way until you master the use of your new equipment. And when the time comes that your aircon might need a tune-up, expert technicians will come to your business place to provide assistance.

Good for Your Health

Apart from cooling your indoor air, your air conditioner also helps eliminate all kinds of allergens ranging from dust and debris to pollens and microorganisms. Unfortunately, not all air conditioners are capable of doing that. Some brands claim they can but cannot prove it. Daikin, on the other hand, is approved by the Asthma + Respiratory Foundation NZ Sensitive Choice® program. Their split system air conditioners particularly carry the blue butterfly symbol, which indicates that their products are well suited for people with asthma and allergies.


Daikin is serious in its effort to reduce their products’ environmental impact. A big concern they’ve recently addressed is the heavy use of high-GWP refrigerant. Today’s Daikin air conditioners and refrigeration systems use R-32, a type of refrigerant that is well-known for having a GWP that is 33 percent lower than the most popular refrigerant choices. It’s also proven that R-32 is capable of reducing the air conditioner’s energy use by up to 10 percent.

With all these amazing facts, why wouldn’t you choose Daikin as your commercial air conditioning system? To get one installed, call the team at Port City Air Conditioning today. We can help you choose the right system for your commercial premises to keep your staff and customers in ultimate comfort no matter the weather. (