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a deep clean of you rental air conditioner will ensure clean air

If you’re a landlord or property manager, you would be well-versed in your roles and responsibilities when it comes to your rental property. You and the tennant will come to an agreement of the terms regarding day-to-day air conditioner maintenance, but the responsibility for periodic deep cleaning before the start of a lease falls on the property manager or property owner.

Not having the air conditioner cleaned in a rental property can lead to adverse health effects from the unclean internal parts which can be detrimental to the occupants. This is especially true in current times, when more people than ever are spending their time at home with the air conditioner on.

Between tenants, its key to have your air conditioner deep cleaned before the property is leased out again. After the air conditioner is deep cleaned, you can be sure that the air conditioner will function properly, provide clean and sanitised air, and most importantly, that the new tenant will not have any cause for complaint.

Why do I have to get my rental air conditioner deep cleaned by a professional?

a deep clean of you rental air conditioner will ensure clean air

While it’s recommended that the filters are cleaned regularly, and that’s a job you can do yourself, major cleans like this are best done by a licensed professional who can get in and around the system. Not only does this guarantee a better job, but also means there will be no doubt around the effectiveness and safety of your system.

To put it another way, rental properties with regularly maintained, cleaned and sanitised air conditioning units are believed to have a higher rate of being leased than those with poorly maintained air conditioning. A deep-cleaned air conditioning system will provide clean, healthy air that will allow your tenants to enjoy the rental property.

In many cases, these properties are generally also leased for longer periods of time to the same tenants as comfort and clean air mean that there’s a higher chance of the tenant wanting to remain in the same, well-maintained house.

What does a deep clean consist of?

To deep clean your air conditioner, an experienced technician will take the system apart systematically to clean each section individually. Using a pressure cleaner, each section is thoroughly washed to remove mould or other buildup to remove contamination from parts such as the filters, evaporator coils and return air grills. 

Then, as the technician is putting the system back together, each part is santitised using HVAC-specific products that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This process offers complete reassurance that only clean air will be passing through the system and back into the rental property.

So for the peace of mind and sound knowledge that the air conditioning system in your rental property is clean and not going to result in any ongoing issues for your tenants, make sure you contact Port City Air Conditioning today. Our experienced team of qualified professionals provide deep cleaning and ongoing maintenance for air conditioning systems in Gladstone and throughout the Sunshine Coast.

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