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Not so long ago, all residential and commercial air conditioners were fixed speed. No one thought this simple and convenient mechanism needed more updating until people grew tired of keeping track of their building’s temperature. So they built inverter air conditioning that automatically adjusted the temperature in the room. 

Once exclusive to some wealthy families, inverter-type air conditioners soon became available commercially thanks to its popularity with all types of consumers. Now, most brands have incorporated this new technology and are aiming to convert each of their products into inverters in the future.

What is an inverter air conditioner?

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Before trying to make sense of inverter technology, you must first understand how a conventional air conditioning system works. If you have one in your building, you will notice that when the unit reaches the desired set temperature, the compressor stops. That automatic shutdown prevents the temperature from further plummeting to an uncomfortable level.

In inverter air conditioning, there’s also a limit in the temperature setting, but reaching it doesn’t trigger the compressor to stop. Instead, it freely adjusts to the cooling or heating needs of the room, drawing less or more power depending on the temperature of the incoming air. This makes temperature changes in the room almost completely undetectable.

What are the benefits of having an inverter air conditioner?

The advantages of inverter technology in air conditioning systems are pretty obvious. Over the years, we’ve seen immense developments following the automation of applications that were once manual.

Here are some of the major benefits of utilising the same technology in the HVAC system.


Having a variable speed, drawing only the power it needs to cool air, an inverter air conditioner makes best use of its share of energy in your home. While air conditioners are naturally power-guzzlers, this new type of air conditioner is not in the same category. You can expect a drop in your electrical consumption almost instantly after installation.


One of the biggest challenges you have to face with a conventional air conditioner is putting up with the loud noise its compressor creates. Although you will still hear a hissing sound from a running inverter air conditioner, it’s much quieter than that of a conventional unit. This is thanks to the compressor not needing to shut down and restart, and its ability to run at full throttle with low power.


With your air conditioner running efficiently, you can expect it to have longer functional life. To ensure that it will last as long as the manufacturer says, however, you have to make certain that your home is fully insulated. Especially because an inverter air conditioner adjusts to the temperature of air passing through it, there’s a chance it might work even more exhaustively than a conventional air conditioner when heat or draft freely enters your home through the walls.

Fast Cooling

Unlike a non-inverter air conditioner that gradually uses power to reach the set maximum temperature, an inverter air conditioner starts up strong, using more power and diminishes consumption as it nears the desired temperature. This inverse process allows the air conditioner to produce cool air faster. 


An inverter air conditioner uses an HFC-based refrigerant, such as R410a, which is much safer and less hazardous to the environment than conventional refrigerants that contain the infamous ozone layer killer HCFC. 

Considerations When Installing an Air Conditioner

Before you decide to buy and install an inverter-type air conditioner, it’s important that you consider the following factors:

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Type and Structure

Thanks to inverter air conditioners’ rapid rise in popularity, there are now versions of all types and structures of air conditioner that use the inverter technology. This means you are free to pick any type and structure you think suits your home best. That would depend on the capacity you need as well as your building’s architecture. 

If you are only cooling off a single room or two, a split system air conditioner may be enough. If you want to cool the entire house, you should consider having a ducted air conditioning system instead, except you need to have enough ceiling for the ductwork. In case you only want to cool select rooms, a multi-split system may be your best bet.

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As explained before, an inverter air conditioner costs more, so you have to prepare a larger amount to afford both the equipment and the installation service. You can save more by hiring a trusted air conditioning company like Port City Air that offers both high-quality equipment and exceptional installation services. All the necessary features are included in a single package so all you have to do is to choose a unit and they will handle the rest.

Whether you decide to install an inverter air conditioner, split system, ducted, or something else, call the team at Port City Air Conditioning. Our experienced team can install or repair any make and model of air conditioning system.